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Original service certificate - it was indeed kept in car at all times for identification...

Owner's manual and the old registration papers from Washington, USA and Finland. These helped me to contact the previous owners and their families to ask about the Windsor's background.

Promotional material handed out to potential new car buyers in 1957. Three brochures in different sizes and a color selection chart.

Original promotional model of 1957 Chrysler New Yorker 4-dr Hardtop. These were available through Chrysler dealers for the kids whose dad was buying a new car.

Some 1957 magazines with articles on Chryslers. It seems that in 1957 Chrysler Corporation cars were way ahead of others. And the editors were right: this 1957 Windsor Sedan was certainly a "best buy" for Mr. Haavig.

map.jpg (61327 tavu(a))

Where is Seattle? Where is Pieksämäki? look at the Map! The Chrysler has made a long journey.

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