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After the wash the car was towed to my friends garage to make company to my Ford. It looks like a different car. Amazing what a good wash can do!

IMG_2900.jpg (106200 tavu(a))IMG_2898.jpg (99498 tavu(a))IMG_2892.jpg (107439 tavu(a))IMG_2935.jpg (116075 tavu(a))IMG_2906.jpg (95906 tavu(a))IMG_2913.jpg (102338 tavu(a))IMG_2905.jpg (97100 tavu(a))IMG_2909.jpg (108802 tavu(a))IMG_2903.jpg (100632 tavu(a))IMG_2933.jpg (447450 tavu(a))IMG_2971.jpg (94909 tavu(a))IMG_2911.jpg (95429 tavu(a))

There's still some dirt on car and bumbers and moldings are not polished yet. The missing moldings have been disassembled, but I found them all inside the car.

IMG_2918.jpg (77339 tavu(a))IMG_2979.jpg (116525 tavu(a))IMG_2981.jpg (92395 tavu(a))

The fender tag tells us that this is a Chrysler Windsor Four-Door 6-Passenger Sedan which is built at Chrysler Corporation's Los Angeles assembly plant. Scheduled build date was August 14th 1957 which means it is one of last 1957s made. Production run of 1957 models ended in mid-August. It was ordered with Regimental Red paint with Cloud White roof and Cloud White "Flight-Sweep" -inserts on the side. The "55" trim code means Tan Decorated Damask & Beige Saddle Grained Vinyl upholstery, but the original seat upholstery was replaced with black vinyl seat covers around year 1968. MoPar tags are still attached to the black vinyl seat covers which were purchased from a Chrysler dealer.

IMG_2932.jpg (75349 tavu(a))IMG_2924.jpg (67105 tavu(a))IMG_2923.jpg (75306 tavu(a))IMG_2965.jpg (90588 tavu(a))IMG_2969.jpg (68428 tavu(a))

The interior and trunk after emptying the stuff out.  These need some cleaning and a wash too.

After saving the car from it's previous location, I had to leave it to my friend's garage and wait for the missing parts to be found. The inventory revealed that a lot of essential parts, mostly technical, were missing. The original intention was to get the Chrysler back on the road for the 2006 season (usually in Finland we drive hobby cars on summertime only) but I did not have a decent garage of my own and I was extremely busy with my work on the Finnish website Overdrive.fi, kids were small and there was a lot of other stuff going on.

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