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In 2017 we had to move the Windsor to a new temporary location for the summer and in the autumn we got some space at friend's company's garage. Plans are made to continue the project during the winter 2017-2018. At first some chassis and frame rust-protection and coating before moving the project over a to the local car club's garage. Maybe 2018 will be the year when this awesome car gets back on the road?


It's 2018 and we have been overhaulin' the 354 poly engine, rebuilding the front end and working on the brakes.

Winter & Spring 2019

Moving once again! In 2018 there was not much progress as friend's garage was full booked and we had no room for get the project forward. In early 2019 we finally moved to the local car club's garage and continued with removing the dash for refurbishment and meanwhile installing sound dampeners to the floors.

Summer & Autumn 2019

Grille and sill plates powder coated. Gauges re-painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Engine found it's way back to the garage. Door panel refurbishment with SEM Color Coat matched to original interior colors.

Dash, gauges, trunk and other small details worked out. And eventually the 354 Spitfire found it's way in the engine bay.


Progress in the engine room. Steering wheel done. Front end, grille and bumper assembled.


Seats upholstered to original specifications with correct materials from SMS Autofabrics.
Work done by talented Rockarolina

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