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Once upon a time there was a Chrysler Windsor Sedan 1957...

The car in the pictures was abandoned in a deserted locomotive garage in Finland for almost ten years. It was originally sold 25th September 1957 by authorized Chrysler-Plymouth dealer Seattle Automobile Co. in Seattle, WA, USA and the registration documents tell that the first owner drove 85.000 miles with it. 

The car is Windsor Four-Door Sedan which was the entry level Chrysler model for 1957, but this particular car has almost a full selection of optional equipment - maybe it was ordered from factory as a promotional car for the dealer showroom. Windsor Sedan was the cheapest Chrysler but you must remember that Chrysler wasn't the cheapest make in the Chrysler Corporation's range of makes. 

The optional equipment in this car are power brakes, whitewall tires (only the spare in the trunk has survived), radio, rear seat speaker, mirrors on both fenders, front antenna, heater, rear window defroster, two-tone paint with Regimental Red and Cloud White, tinted Solex glass on every window and windshield washer which were optional for all Chryslers.  Power steering, handbrake warning signal, backup lamps and chrome stainless steel wheel covers were all standard on the upper models but options on Windsors. Dual headlights were originally an option but came standard shortly after the production started. 

In 1986 the car was sold to the second owner from the small remote village of Stehekin, WA, USA and after few years it was sold again and imported to Finland Europe in 1989. It got Finnish register plates in 1990, appeared in few classic car events during 1991 until during the next winter of 1991-1992 the original 354 cid V-8 engine was removed and disassembled. After waiting for engine swap for several years the car got storaged for a longer period. Since 1995 the car was just getting dust in a deserted locomotive garage with a lots of pigeons, until it was sold again in 2004 as a project car. More pics at the next page...

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